April 27, 2015

The NYC Strategy Field


In the midst of rapid change and development in New York’s built environment, we recognize the need for an accessible dynamic database. As momentum continues to build behind various concepts of what a sustainable city means, our tool offers a full view of the city’s growing sustainable landscape.

The primary intent of the Strategy Field is to consolidate and make accessible, a full snapshot of the design strategies that are being utilized in New York City. The tool offers a diverse set of uses and applications;

OWNER BENCHMARKING: Tenants and buyers can compare and contrast the full value spectrum of city living.

CITY TIMELINE: New Yorkers can chart the evolution of sustainable design practices and techniques currently shaping our built environment.

PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY: Knowledge banks like ours exist to encourage design and development companies to share basic information about strategies and technologies, so that we can all raise the bar, together.

RESEARCH PORTAL: As an educational device, the field is a portal into our own BKSK LAB’s continuing research across sustainable design implementation.

PROJECT VISUALIZATION: Project teams can use the field to support goal setting within a true context of the NYC competitive market.

The field is an interactive database reflecting our city’s existing stock of multi-family buildings marketed as “green” and the strategies that designers and developers have used to attract tenants and buyers. Developed by the BKSK LAB, this tool is a resource to a diverse set of user groups.

DESIGNERS: The field maps building chronology from the bottom up. Design teams can now translate trends in sustainable buildings over the past decade as well as emerging, future trends.

DEVELOPERS: Sections of the field that are filled with dots indicates achievable, low-hanging fruit approaches. Development teams can now read the dynamics of the sustainability market and use the tool for projecting “in-demand” amenities and design features.

BROKERS: Sections of the field that remain mostly empty indicate market differentiation potential. Sales and strategy teams can identify the market gaps or rather, the opportunities to set their buildings apart from other competing sales.

POLICY MAKERS: As building codes have improved, so have the density of dots within the overall field. Legislators and policy leaders can use the tool to measure and gauge the impact of legislative vs market demand driven changes.

PIONEER INNOVATORS: Sections of the field without dots, reflect strategies that currently have no market presence and are our own call to action. Students, inventors and innovators might assess and improve upon the future evolution of design strategies, making the riskiest of strategies easier to achieve.

The specific building information represented has been gathered primarily from public marketing and promotional materials. Information for each building project was verified across several sources, including: building marketing web pages, architect and developer portfolio pages, case studies, and a variety of real estate and property data websites, a selection of which are listed here.

greenhomenyc.org greenbuildingsnyc.com streeteasy.com luxuryrentalsmanhattan.com
archdaily.com honestbuildings.com nybits.com cityrealty.com
emporis.com greensource.com manhattanscout.com aviewoncities.com
construction.com greenbuildingsnyc big.com newconstructionmanhattan.com
blocksy.com condopedia.com ny.curbed.com

BKSK provides its NYC Design Strategy Tool purely for informational purposes. By accessing, browsing and/or using the Tool, you accept, without limitation or qualification these Terms of Use. Please direct all questions and comments to the BKSK LAB at lab [at] bkskarch [dot] com.