April 7, 2022

The Redevelopment of Gansevoort Row

The mini-documentary explores BKSK’s redevelopment of the city-block long set of buildings on Gansevoort Row in the MeatPacking District and the Gansevoort Market Historic District. This 7 minute film was shot and edited by Daniel Blanc, an architectural designer and former student of BKSK Partner Julie Nelson at CCNY. Daniel was hired to conduct interviews and synthesize the story of this project using BKSK LPC submissions and documentation as primary sources for the film. All footage was shot by Daniel on site!

The block between Greenwich and Washington Streets transformed throughout the 20th and 21st century, with BKSK Architects latest designs creating new commercial office and retail spaces next to the High Line and the Whiney Museum of Art. This film explores this triumph through interviews with the Partners in Charge of the project, sweeping views of the buildings, and illustrations of the process.

Below is a preview of the short film. Watch the full film here.