Julie Nelson


Julie Nelson possesses a keen interest in uncovering the potential of existing conditions, revitalizing neglected spaces, and designing places where the built and the natural coexist. On all projects, which range from institutional to residential to commercial, she promotes design and construction approaches that give back more than they take.

Julie’s connection to nature is clearly seen IN the development of the LEED® Platinum-certified Visitor & Administration Center, which received an AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top Ten Green Projects Award, the 2020 Master Plan, and the design of a new Education Building set to open in 2025 which will be LEED Platinum, and Net Zero Ready. Julie recently worked with her husband to convert a 19th century Scottish church into an energy-efficient residence.

In addition to directing projects, Julie oversees the firm’s advancement in the areas of sustainability and information technology and is involved with the US Green Building Council. She formerly served on AIA NY’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) for which she coordinated lectures and advised on policy development. Julie is committed to investigating issues related to sustainable architecture and the design process – she has taught three studios at CUNY using sustainable BKSK projects as teaching tools.

In addition to teaching, Julie leads BKSK’s mentoring and student outreach efforts including participating in programs through CUNY, the AIA, Mentorship for Women in Architecture, and by hosting visits to our studio classroom.  Julie holds both Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in Architecture from the University of Virginia.