Nick New

Nick’s work experience has included involvement in construction projects ranging from ground-up development construction in New York City, hospitality, landmark restoration, exhibition design to restaurant design. This work experience has allowed him to become well versed in dealing with city codes, zoning text and the many city agencies that one must navigate in the process of realizing projects in New York City. Outside of New York City, he has also had worked on projects located in Europe and Asia; this work has exposed him to design/build projects as well as developing working relationships with a variety of contractors and fabricators. Coordination with project team members in an effort to bring together assemblies in a rational manner, at the scale of furniture up to that of large-scale building projects, is one of the most pleasurable aspects of working in the field of architecture for Nick.

Nick enjoys researching the history of New York City and tracking down the obscure artifacts that are scattered around town such as George Washington’s tooth located at Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan and exploring Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.