14th and 9th Mixed-Use alt14th and 9th Mixed-Use alt14th and 9th Mixed-Use alt14th and 9th Mixed-Use alt14th and 9th Mixed-Use alt14th and 9th Mixed-Use alt


est 2024


Meatpacking District, NYC


Tavros Development

At the corner of 14th Street and 9th Avenue in the Meat Packing District BKSK proposed a substantial restoration and preservation of two existing historic buildings and a new infill addition. The new infill building compliments the historic buildings surrounding it in scale and materiality with an exterior terra-cotta frame and brick side walls. The historic buildings will continue to be used as retail space at the ground floor and converted into new office space on the upper floors. The new building will house commercial office space with a setback terrace and a roof deck for the use of all tenants. The addition is a distinct contemporary but contextual volume and with the historic buildings, reflects the “cross currents of the urban context and the history and the character of the site and the district.” The juxtaposition of old and new, historic and contemporary is considered on the interior as well on the exterior and new tenants will enjoy this combination of construction eras in distinctive and modern working spaces. The project was approved by Landmarks in 2020 and is currently in construction.

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Concrete Industry Board, Low-Rise Award for superior work exemplifying quality concrete, 2023

"I want to thank the applicants for a thorough and elegant presentation. Also I want to just put this presentation in context…. I believe…the application consists of the most number of moving parts that our commission deals with. It is an extraordinary and relatively small application, but it is incredibly comprehensive . . . it’s very strong architecture and beautifully rendered and I think it’s a very, very elegant building. "

- Commissioner Bland, LPC