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Midtown, NYC


Confidential Client

An open-concept, contemporary workplace that takes its design inspiration from the CEO’s passion for music, represented in an entryway that embodies the bowing wood of musical instruments. The ebony stained oak reception desk, sculpturally formed like the chin paddle of a violin, sits within a felt clad enclave carved out of the flowing entry sequence. Curvature and warm materials are pulled throughout the space creating a cohesive and harmonious interior.

Central to the design vision was the creation of the “commons”, a new type of space for the client. This area, with a variety of carefully selected furniture, allows for a more relaxed work setting and places that support impromptu meetings and social gatherings. This open area extends past the conference core and connects with a generous staff pantry. Although transparency and openness are key focus areas for this project, privacy was also essential. Floor-to-ceiling wood screens are interspersed to provide a sense of visual and acoustic privacy/separation while maintaining views throughout the office. Creating a sense of transparency in the workplace and providing new communal spaces have fostered increased inter-office communication, collaboration, and interaction among employees.


NYCxDesign Awards, Finalist, Workplace: Corporate , 2017

MKDA – architect of record; BOLD – lighting design; AKF Group – a/v; Meadows – furniture dealer; Haworth – furniture manufacturer; Alexander Wolfe & Son – construction manager

Photos by Raimund Koch