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Upper East Side, NYC



This project involves the horizontal and vertical expansion of two existing buildings at 4-8 East 94th Street in the Upper East Side Historic District. The eastern building (8 E. 94th St) was a single-family residence. The western building (4 E. 94th St) was built as a seven-story office building, significantly taller than what is allowable by current zoning. Its first floor was built full to the rear lot line.

Our evocation of a grand, mansard-roofed mansion as an expansion of the existing structure was key to the project’s success. This addition is intended to continue the architectural language of no. 8, but with subtle differentiation. The cast stone pilasters are doubled where the old and new segments of the building meet. The addition is faced with slightly lighter brick, and the dormer roofs are triangular rather than curved.

The property now holds two opulent residences, one that occupies floors 1-4 and the other on floors 5-6. The total floor area of old versus new is approximately the same.

Robert Silman Associates – structural; Hanington Engineering Consultants – MEP; Leroy Street Studio and Ricardo Taborga Architect – interior design; Edmund D. Hollander – landscape; 94th Street Construction – general contractor

Photos by Jonathan Wallen