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Jericho, NY


Kimco Realty

Kimco Realty, the nation’s largest owner and operator of suburban retail centers, reached out to BKSK to investigate the historic value of a beloved, rambling Long Island restaurant they had recently acquired. Thanks in part to its prominent location at an important highway junction in the region, the Milleridge Inn has long served as a de facto community facility, the go-to place for holiday dinners, baby showers, and club meetings. It is widely known that the site has deep ties to the lost Quaker community of Jericho, extending to the earliest days of colonial days. However, a century of changes in ownership and uses, and major alterations to the building and surrounding landscape have obscured much of that history. BKSK directed in-depth historical research and building analysis, and compiled it as a reference guide for our client as they planned for the next chapter of the Milleridge Inn.