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Tribeca, NYC


Imagine Design Group

This 65,000 square foot new development, in which an existing historic loft building has been paired with a new building (on the site of a parking lot and single-story taxpayer building) to share a single core, is in the TriBeCa South Historic District. It was praised by the Landmarks Preservation Commission for “[its] modern interpretation of the 19th century commercial facades that characterize the district.” As a new structure in the oldest portion of the historic district, it proudly displays its contemporary character while honoring the masonry street wall, in height, scale, and detail. The development contains 38 new units, along with a commercial ground floor unit.

“…[77 Reade] is distinguished by its elegant calm, the clarity with which the facade has been articulated, and the evident love of the pale masonry cladding used throughout. Like its predecessor at 25 Bond Street, the building exhibits, though in a subtler way, a textural richness in its serried ranks of deeply punched windows. These preserve something of the 19th century articulation of this part of Tribeca, even if their pared-down ornamentation is clearly contemporary, with little more than thin slivers protruding from the base of each to give a sense of history.”
–James Gardner, architectural critic for The Real Deal

Weidlinger Associates, structural; Lazlo Bodak Engineers, MEP; Higgins Quasebarth & Partners, preservation strategy; Shen, Milsom & Wilke, acoustical

Photos by Raimund Koch

"The virtues of [BKSK’s] design, its energy and its classical calm, are in evidence at 77 Reade Street."

James Gardner for The Real Deal