February 2, 2015

BKSK selected to lead two sessions at Living Future 2015


This April, BKSK will once again be presenting at the annual Living Future unConference. This year’s unConference will be held in Seattle and occur between April 1-3, 2015.

On April 2nd, Sustainable Design Director Jennifer Preston will moderate a session entitled “Community, Culture, and Place: Empathy + Mindful Design in Practice,” with speakers that include a Zen priest, a cultural ecologist, and some curious architects, including BKSK’s own James Wilson. The session is based around a series of inward-focused mindfulness exercises that will inform an outward-focused ethnographic workshop. Through this session, participants will develop improved mindfulness and embodied empathy skills that can then inform their design practice.

Later that same day, Jennifer will co-host the “Creating the Exquisite through Natural Inspiration 2.0” workshop, in an encore appearance with FXFOWLE’s Ilana Judah. Get a sense for what this workshop entails by reading Jennifer’s reflections on last year’s unConference.