June 6, 2022

Minnewaska State Park Preserve Visitor Center wins a 2022 Green Good Design Award

We are proud to announce Minnewaska State Park Preserve Visitor Center has won a 2022 Green Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum. This award recognizes sustainable projects that inspire greater progress toward a healthier world. Our design supports educational programs for all ages, inspires environmental stewardship as an example of sustainable design, and celebrates the unique local ecosystem of the Shawangunk Mountains.

Solar orientation for passive heat, daylight, and natural ventilation were organizing design principles, along with the ability of the building to blend into the land. The experience of the building reflects the conditions outside, while offering protection from the elements. Along with the building’s minimal footprint, sustainability strategies allow the Center to be a public “home base” in the state park, efficiently; It fundamentally addresses the previous lack of amenities on the site, providing bathrooms, a space to regroup and get one’s bearings, and a meeting place for social and educational groups who gather regularly.

We are proud that our sustainable design was recognized with this award. Thanks to Green Good Design Awards and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design.