November 30, 2021

BKSK’s New Associate, Eban Singer

Since his time at BKSK, Eban has approached projects with an equal measure of modern design and respect for the historical significance of a site. He has been promoted from Project Manager to Associate. His most recent completed project —Gansevoort Row, a block of tattered low-rise commercial buildings near the High Line in the Gansevoort Market Historic District involved a careful analysis of existing buildings, particularly the history of uses and former configurations, enabling a strong rationale for taller building heights and the demolition of some existing fabric on portions of the block. Currently, he is exemplifying our passion for implementing design excellence in public spaces with his role in the development of the Queens Botanical Garden Education Building, on track to be completed in 2023.

Hear from Eban:

What are you looking forward to as you step into your new role?

“I’m really looking forward to taking part in how the office confronts any new challenges that the world presents to continue to develop and deliver great projects effectively and efficiently.”

How have you grown as a person, as a designer during your time at BKSK?

“A design sensei of mine once told me to stay with the people that have the questions and avoid the people with the answers. After these years at BKSK, I still don’t have the answers but I ask better questions.”

What is your favorite project?

“This is sort of impossible to answer, each project has its own special place. . . The Gansevoort Street development was my first and will always hold that place in my heart – also it was an amazing first project that combined so many aspects of design and construction in New York: navigating city agencies; withstanding public scrutiny and eventual public approval, both on the books and in the minds; new construction; rehabilitation and renovation of landmark structures; commercial, retail, restaurant, office; it had it all.”

Gansevoort Row

Gansevoort Row Redevelopment, Completed 2021