May 8, 2019

529 Broadway Receives Engineering Excellence Gold Award

529 Broadway, New York NY, Architect: BKSK

The American Council of Engineering Companies of New York  awarded BKSK project, 529 Broadway a 2019 Engineering Excellence Gold Award in the Category C: Structural Systems.

The new 6-story commercial building at the corner of Broadway and Spring Street in the heart of Soho recalls an earlier predecessor on the site, the Prescott House, a large 19th-century hotel that was mostly reduced to a two-story taxpayer in 1935. Using state-of-the-art modeling software, the design team conceived a terra cotta rain screen and glass curtain wall facade system that transforms a seemingly punched opening masonry building (evoking the old hotel) into a glass curtain wall building reflecting the openness ratio of later cast iron buildings in the district. The terra cotta elements on the Spring Street elevation twist and dematerialize so that the facade culminates in a modern glass curtain wall with terra cotta accents and district-appropriate loft dimensions fronting on Broadway.

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