September 24, 2014

A celebration of Mamaroneck Library’s LEED Gold status

The Mamaroneck Public Library has achieved LEED Gold certification, the first LEED certification in the Village.
The Mamaroneck Public Library has achieved LEED Gold certification, the first LEED certification in the Village.

Last Thursday, the Village of Mamaroneck commemorated an exciting milestone: the LEED Gold certification of the Mamaroneck Public Library, the first LEED certification for any building in the Village. The project’s design and construction team was thrilled to participate in the celebration, which also included library staff and supporters, leaders from local government, Mamaroneck High School students and teachers, and other members of the community.

Remarks were offered by Christine Love, President of the Mamaroneck Public Library Board of Trustees, who emphasized that “this project is not just a renovation, but a transformation.” The Village’s mayor, Norman S. Rosenblum, congratulated the team on so fully supporting human health and lifelong learning through this building. “Education is the greatest gift we can offer future generations, ” Mayor Rosenblum said.


“This project is not
just a renovation, but
a transformation.”


Additional comments came from our own Jennifer Preston, who outlined the meaning of LEED and congratulated the extended project team on delivering an environmentally inspiring project. Partner-in-charge Goerge Schieferdecker, who is also a longtime Mamaroneck resident, further highlighted the importance of education, environmentalism, and collaboration, all of which are exemplified by the Mamaroneck Public Library.

Key sustainable design choices that led to the project’s LEED Gold status include the use of low-emitting building materials, increased ventilation, ample access to daylight, motion-responsive light fixtures, convenient and daylight-filled stairs, a green roof, and outdoor air monitoring, among other characteristics. Such choices reflect the library’s desire to not only be environmentally advanced, but to be human friendly—to be a community facility that is attuned to the health and comfort of its patrons. We have successfully applied this holistic approach to several other projects, including a new multi-family residential building and a large K-12 athletics center, both of which are also seeking LEED Gold certification.


Attendees of the event gathered outside the library’s most recent renovation, which added 13,000 square feet while also closely knitting together the Library’s many parts.
As partner-in-charge of the project and a longtime resident of the Village, George Schieferdecker provided his heartfelt thanks to the entire project team.
Jennifer Preston helped introduce the audience to the LEED system by drawing parallels to the nutrition labels on our everyday food products.
A few members of Students for Senegal, our Mamaroneck-based collaborators on the pro bono design for the Lambaye Learning Center, were also in attendance.
Additional remarks were delivered by Mayor Norman S. Rosenblum and the President of the Library’s Board of Trustees, Christine Love, who unveiled the LEED plaque with our own George Schieferdecker.
George Schieferdecker, Christine Love, and Mayor Norman S. Rosenblum
Mamaroneck Public Library
The Mamaroneck Public Library at dusk. Photo by Jeff Goldberg/ESTO.