February 22, 2017

The University of Virginia: Industry Expert Discussion

UVA industry insights image upload

We believe it’s important to inspire the next generation of architects. Julie Nelson recently joined her alma mater as a guest on their Career Center’s Industry Expert webcast, along with fellow alumnus, Jeffrey Murphy of Murphy Burnham & Buttrick. The series is aimed at providing students with real world advice from practicing professionals in their field of expertise. Below is a sneak peek into the conversation, the full webcast can be viewed here.

UVA: Why did you choose a career in this industry?
Julie: I chose this career as a chance to do something creative and tangible (and a love of cities and the built environment).

UVA: What can students do to prepare for their first year of experience?
Julie: It’s important to gather a broad range of experience early on: construction, technology, design and collaboration. Try as many things as you can, especially when you’re young…ask questions and try it all.  Tap into the collaborative ethos of architecture.

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(pictured above, Convent of the Sacred Heart Athletics & Wellness Center, a building that serves as a living “teaching tool”).