June 10, 2015

Washington Square Park House graces the cover of PRB


The Park House at Washington Square Park graces the cover of this month’s Parks & Rec Business magazine and serves as the key case study in the issue’s feature article, penned by BKSK’s Jennifer Preston. In the piece, Jennifer unpacks the many benefits of biophilic design approaches, specifically in the context of park structures.

“Through thoughtful facilities-planning, design, and maintenance, we can reestablish everyday access to the simple pleasures of nature: a natural breeze, a view of open sky, the cyclical metamorphosis of native plantings. In urban and suburban contexts, where the majority of human-made environments are far removed from the beneficial wilds of nature, a biophilic approach becomes a restorative one, for parks employees and the public alike,” Jennifer reminds us.

Learn more about the project here. Visit Parks & Rec Business online to read the full article, entitled “The Calming Effect Of A Building.”