November 23, 2020

Congregation Habonim has been awarded a Society of Registered Architects Award

Congregation Habonim sanctuary

On Wednesday December 2nd our unbuilt project for Congregation Habonim was honored by SARA National with an award of Merit. The project is underway on the ground floor of a new mixed use development due to be completed in 2022.

The new 30,00 sf space will allow 300 congregants to worship together. The circular Sanctuary forms the heart of the Synagogue inspired by the congregation’s original home. The chapel is a smaller sacred space and includes a reworking of the stained glass from their 66th Street home. Ethereal finishes allow the colored light to suffuse the space; the opposite wall opens to a Meditation Garden serving as a background to the Ark. Community spaces complete the program, including classrooms, informal gathering spaces, an event space, and offices. The new home celebrates the past, present and future of this active congregation.