November 30, 2021

BKSK’s New Director of Sustainability, Matthew Richardson

Matthew is the leading contributor to the research and development of sustainable architectural solutions for BKSK projects. His expertise helps project teams identify key opportunities for implementing the most advanced sustainability protocol. His primary mission is to improve the environmental quality in our projects and develop adaptive architecture that can respond to the changing climates and fluctuating urban environment. He has been promoted from Sustainability Coordinator to Director of Sustainability. Currently, Matthew is working on several projects including the Queens Botanical Garden Education Building, New Douglaston Little Neck Library, and Bellevue Men’s Homeless Shelter Bathrooms.

Hear from Matthew:

What are you looking forward to as you step into your new role?

“We spend a lot of time discussing operational targets for projects, while important, the physical matter is the other side of the emissions coin that is becoming increasingly critical to global climate goals. As architects, we have a lot of influence on the materials that go into our buildings. Our office is developing life cycle analysis workflows that seek to reduce the environmental impact of our projects on day 1. I look forward to tracking and reducing those up-front emissions for new projects and expanding our adaptive reuse portfolio to extend the service life of the NYC building stock for future generations.”

What has been the most rewarding challenge as an architect at BKSK?

“Acting as the studio’s sustainability leader, I wear many hats: designer, coordinator, facilitator, translator, and advocate. Threading this web together takes a lot of energy at times, but is one of the most satisfying parts of my job. Witnessing our concepts carried through realization is extremely rewarding and is truly a collaborative effort.”

What is your favorite project?

“The Queens Botanical Garden Education Building is one of our most ambitious projects. Not for its design or certification ambitions, but for its pursuit to do more with less. This project attempts to blend the building and visitors into the habitat not only visually but physically through its adaptive comfort functionality that connects visitors to the outdoors. We hope that its program flexibility and user engagement acts as an example for future projects.”

Queens Botanical Garden Education Building, Est Completion 2022