November 30, 2021

BKSK’s New Senior Project Manager, Adel Bagli

Adel Bagli joined BKSK Architects in 2015, bringing with him over seven years of professional experience on a range of project types. He has become an indispensable team member on several project teams, including those engaged with incorporating sustainable elements into the design. He has been promoted from Senior Architectural Designer to Senior Project Manager. Adel is currently working with on 63 Gansevoort Street and 540 Hudson Street, in construction.

Hear from Adel:

What are you looking forward to as you step into your new role?

“I am fortunate to have been mentored by several senior members at BKSK on the various projects I’ve worked on. This has allowed me to further my knowledge of design documentation, construction administration and overall project management, amongst other things. As I continue to add to my knowledge in these areas, I hope to be able to similarly mentor other junior members of the staff. I also hope to be able to use my accumulated knowledge and experience to manage more complex projects going forward.”

What has been the most rewarding challenge as an architect at BKSK?

“Seeing a project through construction has been both challenging. Several of the early projects I worked on never went beyond the design or CD stage, so managing a project from design through construction, while tackling the various challenges that have arisen, has been  rewarding experience for me.”

What is your favorite project?

“It’s hard to pick one but since 218 Madison Avenue was my first project at BKSK, I have a soft spot for it. The team worked tirelessly to produce a truly well designed project. The intricately detailed exterior worked perfectly with the luxurious interiors, also designed by BKSK. Sadly the project was put on hold at the end of CDs and never went into construction.”

Midtown Development facade

218 Madison Ave, Project on Hold.