July 28, 2021

Mansion Global: Designing a Chic, Timeless Kitchen Using Blonde Wood

Excerpt from the Mansion Global article featuring Marlow (our new multi-family building conversion project at W 82nd Street)


Mix Wood Cuts and Stains

“Blonde wood is ideal for flooring because of its hardness and durability. But it’s also perfect for cabinetry and millwork. In general, natural white oak has inherent warm golden-yellow and creamy-yellow tones that pick up a variety of other blonde woods. It works well with maple and ash.

“When specifying white oak for millwork, like kitchen cabinets, we typically go for a darker or slightly darker stain for the floors. This allows for a nice grounded base tone, allowing the space to open upward allowing the eye to travel.

“When mixing with other woods, like walnut, we typically select a different cut than rift, which feels very crisp and modern. For instance, a flat cut is more fluid and organic in nature. It also opens the darker tones of the oak, blending with the darker woods.”

— Gerry Ende, director of interior design at BKSK Architects in New York



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