September 6, 2022

Nice Shades: This NYC Passivhaus Condo Has Terra-Cotta Baguettes

As seen in Tree Hugger

This is another demonstration of how Passivhaus is both a standard of luxury and efficiency.

By Lloyd Alter

Published September 2, 2022
New York City has a new condominium on Columbus Avenue: Charlotte of the Upper West Side. It is a wonderful example of a point I often make: Passivhaus isn’t just a standard of energy—it’s a standard of luxury.

Passivhaus started primarily as an energy standard, but as we have also noted, the three most important things about Passivhaus are comfort, comfort, and comfort. People who can afford condos like this are not particularly worried about paying the heating bills, but they have other expectations. The developer, Roe Corporation, and the architects, BKSK, get this.


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