August 4, 2020

BKSK adds glass dome to roof of Tammany Hall building in New York

Tammany Hall, New York NY, Architect: BKSK


Dezeen yesterday: a short, successful piece on our newest project, Tammany Hall / 44 Union Square for Reading International, that has waited months for its big reveal. The preservation of two historic facades, and the inspired free form glass and steel dome create the unique building on the north east corner of Union Square Park. We’re so proud of this early press about our design and inspiration and look forward to talking about this project well into the future.

“BKSK Architects consulted with the Lenape Center, an institution led by Lenape elders that upholds the legacy of the group through programming and exhibitions, to realise the project.

It involved a restoring the landmark building’s facade and an expansion of its usable space, which was created by the three-storey-high glass dome on top of the structure.

The rounded roof takes cues from the shape of a turtle shell, a reference to the origin story of the Lenape, which says the group believes it rose from the water on the back of a turtle.

“Using symbolism from the Lenape creation story, a glass dome inspired by the form of a rising turtle shell has been added to the building bringing an additional 30,000 square feet (2,787 square metres) to the interior,” the studio said.”

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