August 11, 2023

Charlotte of the Upper West Side receives PH Certification

Happy to announce that our multi-family project, Charlotte of the Upper West Side received an official confirmation of Passive House Low Energy Building Certification. This is long in the making, and even comes with new signage for the front of the building. If you’re in the market for a beautiful apartment, in an amenity-rich building, with a (partial, distant) view of the Museum of Natural History, and the healthiest living conditions, CUWS should be on your list of open houses to visit. The anecdote we love to share is of the cut flowers that stayed fresh for more than 30 days in the model apartment – imagine the impact on your body!

For more information, you will soon find the project in the registry of Passive House buildings! We will share when that link goes live.



new plaque - it's official!

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