November 4, 2019

Center for Fiction Receives SARAs National Design Award

BKSK is proud to have received a 2019 SARAs National Design Award of Honor for the Center for Fiction in the Architectural Interiors category.

The Center for Fiction’s new headquarters in the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District designed by BKSK offers 17,000 sf of resource-rich space to literary professionals and enthusiasts. Programming included housing a circulating collection of more than 100,000 fiction titles, a bookstore, café, flexible auditorium space, a writer’s studio, expandable rooms for discussion groups, workspaces and administrative support space.

The design vision marries two ideas essential to the Center’s mission: honor the historic roots and legacy of service to its members and integrate technology and amenities. This is achieved in a way that welcomes a new diverse audience.

It was essential to connect to the community and establish a high-quality “third place” for work, research and inspiration outside the home or office. The architecture inspired by stories celebrates a transparency and scale, that is traditional yet of its time, simultaneously grand and intimate.