March 15, 2024

Charlotte of the Upper West Side in the Wall Street Journal


Charlotte of the Upper West Side is in the news again, and in the Wall Street Journal again! What a great feature on its clean air and the healthy living environment created inside this Passive House building.

“Charlotte of the Upper West Side, a building in Manhattan that opened in 2023, has seven full-floor units, each with a private entrance. The building has airtight construction with enhanced insulation. Each unit has an independent heating-and-cooling system with fresh-air filtration directly into the home that isn’t shared with other spaces.

The system can achieve full air exchange 13 times a day in normal-use mode and more than 28 times a day in boost mode, said the building’s developer John Roe of the New York-based Roe Corp. The building uses louvers outside the windows to deflect the heat of the sun and cut energy use on summer days.”

Photos by @christopherpaynephoto , Esto